Voorpraktijken-Assessment Visit (in English)

Voorpraktijken already
works for over 500 primary
healthcare offices!

We guarantee: Always minimal cost-neutral

Make sure that your care office:
■ Complies with laws and regulations
■ Complies with insurance requirements
■ Has contracts in line with market conditions
■ Does not incur unnecessary costs

A few examples from practice:
■ An orthodontic off ice was not aware that traditional ISDN telephony will very soon cease
to exist. Voorpraktijken arranged the transition to VoIP with an excellent supplier with
experience in the healthcare sector.
■ At a dental off ice, the rate for waste disposal was no less than 55% too high.
Of course Voorpraktijken also arranged the transition to their excellent supplier.
■ Voorpraktijken found that in a general practitioner’s off ice, the insurance policy requires
the presence of a burglar alarm system. This was missing in their off ice. This protects them
from a huge fi nancial risk of hundreds of thousands of euros.
■ The annual maintenance of the airconditioning was reduced by 20% in a physiotherapy office.

Schedule your assesment visit via contact@voorpraktijken.nl

“Voorpraktijken provides peace of mind”
Dentist Carol Sriram about the services of Voorpraktijken:

In 2014, Carol Sriram became co-owner of a dental office in Arnhem.
In order to help as many people as possible, she prefers to spend her
time on the people in the dentist’s chair. Through an acquaintance she
ended up at Voorpraktijken, which with the right quality, service,
conditions and price, took care of some facility contracts for
Tandartspraktijken Apeldoornseweg 59. Moreover, these contracts are
now managed by Voorpraktijken, so that the office is always assured of
the right contracts. The involvement in Voorpraktijken therefore gives
Carol peace of mind.

Carol Sriram: “The wife of the director of Voorpraktijken is a fellow
classmate of mine. So, I already knew for a long time what
Voorpraktijken can mean for care offices. I like the transparent,
honest way of working without commercial fees from suppliers.
Moreover, they have been active since 2011 and have been a partner of
my professional association, the ANT, since 2013. They know the needs
of offices and do their job clearly well, which inspires confidence.
In 2018, we decided to expand our cooperation with Voorpraktijken.”

Assessment visit
“One morning, a consultant from Voorpraktijken came to our office
to collect all the necessary information independently from our
administration. He also walked through the office during the break.
He looked closely at all contracts, but also paid attention to matters
that could be smarter or more efficient and checked whether our
office met all legal and insurance requirements. After a few weeks,

we received clear reports on each subject and the consultant returned
to the office for a decision meeting. The assessment visit showed us
that we could save thousands of euros by purchasing certain parts in
a different way. The costs of the assessment visit are then quickly
recouped. Because we have now placed our facility contracts with
Voorpraktijken, we can count on a permanent annual saving without
having to invest time and effort in it ourselves.”